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                       Mandatory Boat Inspection and Decontamination Program

A quick overview:

Mandatory Boat Inspections - Boaters will need to have your boat inspected at one of 6 regional inspection stations.  If your boat passes inspection as 'Clean, Drained, and Dry' then it will be sealed to your trailer and you can continue to your launch facility. If however, it does not meet the 'Clean, Drained, and Dry' standard - you will be directed to the high-pressure hot water decontamination unit on site for your boat to be decontaminated before being sealed to your trailer. - Protect Lake George! 


To save time and get your boat right out on the water - a key is to arrive Clean, Drained, and Dry!

The 6 Lake George inspection sites around the lake will be responsible for checking for seals, removing them from boats and then re-sealing your boat as you leave the lake.  If you don't go anywhere else - and your seal stays intact - you can just keep launching without additional inspections.  If however, you take your boat to another waterbody and then return, you will have to go through the inspection process again.  Help protect Lake George for future generations, observe clean water policies and laws.

The LGPC regulatory agency overseeing the new regulation is working on a new website with outreach materials.

Lake George Boating Golden Sands Beachfront Motel

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      Here's more information about Lake George Boating at Golden Sands (and mandatory inspection):

          32 mile long Lake George, New York is part of the Adirondack Waterways system of Northern New York State, comprising more than 3,000 lakes and ponds and nearly 6,000 miles of rivers and streams in the Adirondack State Park.  Lake George is surrounded by beautiful Adirondack mountains, and dotted with nearly 365 islands, they say, "one for every day of the year."  The lakes pristine cleanliness and crystal clear waters are, for the most part, because the lake has been and remains protected since the 1800's against excessive development and pollutants making Lake George the perfect lake to recreate, boat, swim and play! 

          Lake George's 32 miles are mostly spring fed. Lake George boating, kayaking and canoeing are an excellent was to experience and enjoy Lake George during your stay at Golden Sands Resort on Lake George. Guests will also enjoy recreating and picnic  on one of the 50+ state-owned islands, campgrounds, beaches or parks surrounding Lake George. If you and your family enjoy hiking and Lake George nature, the region offers a variety of mountain trails in the Lake George Park, both easy and challenging, all are close by Golden Sands, and we have Lake George hiking information in our motel office to guide you.  Area special events include antique Lake George boating shows and sales.

          Lake George boating is wonderful and exciting way to experience the lake.  Area boat rental facilities are close by Golden Sands.  We offer Free kayaks to experience Lake George nature first-hand by paddling the lake's unique natural shoreline and nearby bays, islands, scenic resources, and diverse wildlife spread throughout the Lake George-Adirondack watershed. If you fish, visit our Lake George Fishing page to see what you'll catch boating on beautiful Lake George, NY.

          If bringing a boat with you on vacation to enjoy Lake George boating, call us first to secure a boat dock space at a local nearby marina, as Golden Sands does not permit private or rental boats on its dock (other than your private kayak or the like, with advance permission).  If you will be bringing your own boat to Lake George, NY, here you'll find information helpful to prevent "Aquatic Hitchhikers."  What is an "Aquatic Hitchhiker?"  Simply put, any plant or living creature not indigenous to the Lake George basin and its crystal clear waters.  Plant and animal species not indigenous to Lake George can affect Lake George boating,
Lake George fishing, and water quality.  Residents and organizations hand out helpful brochures to ensure "Aquatic Hitchhikers" don't find their way into Lake George.

Here's how you can help protect Lake George from aquatic hitchhikers by following basic guidelines if you're bringing your own boat, kayak or canoe, or will be Lake George fishing:

1.  Clean and remove all visible plants, animals, fish, and mud from your boat, trailer, or other equipment and dispose of in a suitable trash container or on dry land;
2.  Drain water from your boat's bilge, live wells, ballast tanks, and any other locations, such as bait containers, before leaving a boat launch site;
3.  Dry your boat, trailer, and all equipment completely.  Drying times may vary depending on weather conditions and boat materials.

  • More information and brochures are available in the Golden Sands motel office.  Our cheerful office staff will help guide you helpful Lake George boating, scenic boat cruise, dates, and reservation information.


                                     Lake George Boating "Rules of the Road" Golden Sands On Lake George
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Lake George Boating information and some of the "Boating Rules of the Road:"

1.  Safety First:  If you're not sure what to do, back down and yield the right-of-way to the other boat;
2.  Meeting Head-On:  Lake George Boating etiquette - each boat should keep to the right;
3. Crossing/Intersecting: The boat on the right has the right-of-way, slow down and yield, resume speed only after the other boat has passed, if you have the right-of-way and the other boat does not yield, slow down and let him or her pass;
4.  Sailboats, Canoes, Kayaks and Rowboats (and boats without engines):  Always have the right-of-way, keep your distance from them ... your boat waves (boat wake) can overturn smaller boats and watercraft;
5.  Keep Your Eyes on the Road (Lake George):  Watch for boats pulling in and out of shore, boats pulling skiers, floats and other recreational devices such as tubes, watch for fallen skiers, swimmers, and SCUBA divers, watch for boating markers and buoys that mark and identify shallow waters.  If you are not watching, you may be driving recklessly and endangering yourself and others;
Lake George Boating does have a "speed Limit:'  Lake George Speed Limits are fully enforced by the Lake George Park Commission, Warren County Sheriff's Department, and New York State Police.  BWI (Boating While Intoxicated) is also strictly enforced.  Lake George Boating Speed Limits: 5 mph if you are within 100 feet of shore, docks, beaches, anchored boats, SCUBA divers, and 10 mph withing 200 feet of shore. Observe strict "5 MPH Zones." No waves should be seen behind your Lake George boat, 5 mph is walking speed, even without a boat speedometer you are expected to maintain safe, legal speed limits to ensure safety and law compliance (manage your speed);
7.  Do Not Overload The Boat:  Legal maximum capacity for every boat is clearly stated on the boat or paperwork, infants and children count as a single person, and overloading a boat is unsafe, unlawful, and considered reckless operation of a Lake George boat, is regulated by law, and strictly enforced on Lake George, NY;
8.  Life Preservers:  Boating on Lake George, New York and New York State law requires that you have a life preserver on the boat for every passenger and person on board.  Life preservers are available at boat rental offices and are issued for free at the time you checkout your Lake George rental boat.  Children 12 years of age and under must wear (and properly secure and buckle) a life jacket while in the boat - There are no exceptions to this boating rule and law;
9.  Tubing and Waterskiing:  One persona at a time may tube or waterski, and there are no exceptions to this boating rule;
10.  Do Not Allow Waves To Wash Into Your Lake George Rental Boat:  This is potentially dangerous as the boat can fill with water and sink.  Adjust your boat course and heading to avoid hitting and cutting wave head-on.

Lake George Boating General Rental Boat Rules:

1.  Daily Boat Rentals:  Are NOT allowed on the Golden Sands dock at any time, and are generally due back at boat rental shops by 5:00pm.  Lake George boat rental shops generally start renting boats in early am, and do not accept prior boat rental reservations - 'first come first served.'  All overtime is charged by the hourly rate.  There is no authorized overtime, so please be courteous of the next Lake George boat renter. Enjoy Lake George Fishing and Nature from your rental boat;
2.  Lost Boat Equipment:  You will be charged for lost boat equipment, lost anchors, chipped or broken motorboat propellers, damage to boats, etc. at full replacement cost for an exact item (which is expensive).  Damaged boating equipment will also be billed at full replacement cost to you.  In the case and event of extensive damage to a rental boat, engine, equipment, etc., the fees will also include assessment, appraisal, and estimates by an authorized OMC repair shop authorized to make boat and engine repairs;
3.  Take Lake George Boating Seriously - Boating Damages May Easily Exceed Deposit Amount:  When you rent a boat, you agree to pay for all damages incurred while you are contracted as the lessee of that boat;
4.  Do Not Loan Lake George Rental Boats To Others:  Your agreement states you have accepted full responsibility and liability, regardless of who is operating the boat, and age limits may apply;
5.  In The Event You Boat Breaks Down:  If your boat is not running properly or correctly, you must promptly notify the Lake George Boating Rental Shop immediately, and you may not authorize anyone else, or yourself, to work on a rental boat, tow, have towed, or otherwise manage the problem at hand. (There are lawful and contract exceptions to this rule).  If you do not notify the boat rental shop at the onset of a problem or within a reasonable amount of time, you may forfeit your right to any compensation for a boat breakdown.  Boat rental shops must be given fair and timely opportunity to resolve boat and boating issues;
6.  Refer To Boating "Cold-Start" Instructions:  If your rental boat does not start immediately, you will quickly drain your boat battery by trying to start the boat without appropriate "cold-start" procedures.  If you drain the boat battery, you will be charged for a boating service charge and service call;
7.  Do Not Run Out Of Gas:  If the Lake George Boating Shop must bring you emergency gas, they may charge you a service fee or minimum gas delivery fee.  Boat rental shops fill the gas tank before your leaving their dock, and generally boats have about 3 hours of Lake George boating running time.  Gas gauges can malfunction due to rough boating waters, so please do not rely on  your boat's gas gauge to determine fuel supplies, refuel approximately every 3 hours, and DO NOT have boat towed if you run out of gas unless boating shop permits - Best to know boating shop's rules, and call them first;
8.  Often There Are No Refunds:  This includes mechanical problems, bad Lake George Boating weather, seasickness, restless children, early returns, and other applicable reasons.  Time credits may apply, at the option and election of the Lake George Boating shop for qualifying situations;
9.  Anchors Not Tied To Boat:  Often anchors are not tied to the boat, and renters throw them by accident overboard!  Know how deep waters under your boat are in order to properly allow for anchor line to secure boat to bottom of Lake George.  Lost anchors and lines will be charged.  use caution when "throwing" an anchor across a boat and into the lake;
10.  Gasoline And Oil Are Not Included In Boat Rental Fees:  Check your rental boat contract in advance, usually, you must pay for all gas and oil used during your boating voyage upon returning your boat to the boat rental shop. On-water gas and oil are more expensive than on-road gasoline, and pricing varies.  Long-term rentals require the boater to maintain gas and oil levels throughout the boating rental period, and failure to maintain proper oil levels may well result in engine damage and breakdown, leaving boat lessee responsible for any repair bills;
11.  Pets Are Generally Not Allowed On Rental Boats At Any Time;
12.  Watch For Buoys And Markers:  Lake George, New York was carved by a glacier, joining the north and south basins (see maps), and has an unpredictable rocky bottom with numerous rocky structures that present hazards in shallow waters even in the middle of Lake George and around its islands and shores.  Lake George boating and lake obstructions are generally clearly marked by buoys (see Lake Obstruction Buoys Maps).  Avoid Lake George markets as they warn of racks and other boating obstructions.  Stay out and away from Lake George island groupings known as The Narrows and The Mother Bunch in order to avoid the majority of rocky obstructions and hazards in these Lake George boating areas.  Never drive too close to shore, and stay several hundred feet from the shoreline, watch for buoys and markers, swimmers, and small watercraft such as kayaks along the Lake George shoreline and near islands.
13.  Do Not Drink And Drive A Boat:  New York State law prohibits such activities, and states that operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.  Boating infractions count against your automobile driving record, and local and state law enforcement agencies diligently patrol Lake George and administer breathalyzer testing. Avoid violation;
14.  Familiarize Yourself With And Observe All Lake George Boating Markers:  Obstruction Markers-Stay Back 100 Feet, 5 MPH No Waves Markers, SCUBA Diver Flag - Say Back 100 Feet, Small Craft Warnings, Channel Markers - 3R's = Red, Right Returning (South towards Lake George Village), Red and Green - Stay Between.

Boat Docking Nearby Golden Sands - Call for Details: (518) 668-2203  -  Click here to return to HOME PAGE. 

(Sorry! Private and Rental Boats are not permitted on the Golden Sands Resort dock.)  If you're considering bringing a boat or jet ski to Golden Sands, nearby, within walking distance is the Gilchrist Marina. They rent dock space and have a boat launch available to our Golden Sands guests.  Call us for details and more information at: (518) 668-2203, or you may call them directly at: (518) 668-2028 for dock space, launch, and boat trailer storage.  Nearby Yankee Boat Rentals also maintains a boat launch, and offers private boat docking, motorboat, and sailboat rentals available to our guests.  We offer boat rental brochures and tour boat information in our motel office.  *If you're considering bringing a smaller motor boat with you to Lake George, Golden Sands may be able to accommodate "on-site" storage during your stay for your "daily launch" at a nearby marina.  Of course we welcome guests bringing their own canoes or kayaks to Golden Sands resort on Lake George!  Call us at: (518) 668-2203.

Lake George Steamboat Company
The Lake George Steamboat Company offers many cruise choices.  Three comfortable cruise ships:  The Minnie-Ha-Ha, an authentic Paddle-Wheeler, The Mohican, and the lake's biggest cruise ship, The Lac du Saint Sacrement.  Enjoy shorter one-hour cruises, or complete lake cruises spanning the length of Lake George. Lunch, dinner and fireworks cruises also available.  See The Queen of America's Lakes in comfort on a cruise. 1-800-553-BOAT or (518) 668-5777. - A favorite for decades!

Water's Edge Marina & Lakeside Deli
A good old fashioned local marina serving boating customers since 1971, and located close by Golden Sands Resort on Lake George. Water's Edge boat rentals are available hourly, daily and weekly, and they accept major credit cards.  Located just north of Golden Sands Resort at the mouth of the Lake George Narrows where you and your family can enjoy a picnic on an island or in a private lake cove! Boating brochures and discount coupons are available in our motel office. To reserve a boat from Water's Edge, call: (518) 644-2511 - Located at the mouth of the Lake George Narrows Islands, about 7 miles north of Golden Sands On Lake George!

Yankee Boat Rentals on Lake George
Whether you're looking for some quiet fishing time, a nice sail through the islands, a day spent exploring bays with the family, or some high performance water sports, Yankee Boat Rentals on Lake George has the boat to fit your needs.  We proudly offer Lake George's finest and most diverse fleet of rental boats from our central location in Diamond Point.  All of our Lake George rental boats are equipped with a U.S. Coast Guard approved safety package and are maintained for your safety, well-being and enjoyment on the water.  Come visit us and let us help you and your family explore the beauty and hidden wonders of the Queen of American Lakes.  To reserve your Lake George boat rental call (518) 668-2862 today! - Located nearby Golden Sands On Lake George!

Diamond Point Boat Tours
Diamond Point Boat Tours offers an affordable way to see and enjoy Lake George.  Picnic on an island, swim in a secluded cove, view stately homes, or experience Lake George Village fireworks directly overhead.  Customize tours to meet every group's individual expectations.  Bring a snack and beverage of your choice because Captain Dave is your designated driver! (518) 668-5106 or (518) 926-9672 - Lake George Boating located here in Diamond Point, NY!  Let Diamond Point Boat Tours do the driving while you relax!

Nearby Golden Sands Resort you'll find Jet Ski rentals!  We do "NOT" permit Jet Skis or Boats on our dock.
The Golden Sands office maintains attractions brochures, maps, nature and shopping guides, and restaurant menus. Jet Ski and Wave Runner rentals, and Parasailing, are popular here at Lake George, NY; however, jet skis and waverunners have recently been limited to the Northern Basin of Lake George, located north of Golden Sands Resort about 7+ miles, due to increased usage and legislation ensuring greater safety, quieter Southern Basin residential and commercial areas, environmental concerns. Jet Skis are "not permitted" in Lake George Village.  Please call us at: (518) 668-2203 for more Jet Ski and Lake George Boating information!

Snug Harbor South, Inc. Boat Rentals and Sales
North of Golden Sands On Lake George, in the small Town of Hague, New York, you'll find Snug Harbor South, Inc. boat rentals.  Enjoy the Lake George 'North Basin" north of Bolton Landing (just 5 miles from Golden Sands.  Lake George comprised two basins ... the most popular 'south,' and north, joined together through the Lake George 'Narrows Islands.
(518) 543-8866 at historic Silver Bay in Hague, lake George, New York.

Lake George Camping Equipment Co. and Boat Rentals - Boat Launch Site
Motor boat rentals just north of Golden Sands On Lake George at Bolton Landing, NY on Lake Shore Drive.  Lake George Camping Equipment and Boat Rentals is located at the mouth of the Lake George 'Narrows Islands," and across from Lake George Park's "Tongue Mountain" (great Lake George hiking) and Great Northwest Bay.  Just north of this small marina in Northwest bay you'll find Lake George wetland tributaries where there's great bass, northern pike, and chain pickerel Lake George fishing. (518) 644-9941 in the Town of Bolton, just north of historic Diamond Point, New York.

Morgan Marine and Boat Company - Hacker-Craft Boats
"Old School" wood boat building in a lost tradition.  Finely crafted new "antique" wood boats, and the finest anywhere.  located here on Lake George, New York in the Town of Hague, NY on Lake George, you'll find Morgan Marine and Boat Co. Hacker-Craft boats are among the oldest wood boats made in America, steeped in Lake George history since the early 1900's.  located in Silver bay (Hague, NY).


Hague, New York Public Boat Launch
Located on Lake Shore Drive north of Golden Sands Resort on Lake George.  A beautiful outlook and public park located in Hague, NY.  Enjoy quaint restaurants, picnic, views of the west side of Lake George in the northern basin, Anthony's Nose, Roger's Slide, and others.  The drive north from Golden Sands is a "worth-while" scenic drive with spectacular vistas, lookouts, outcroppings, nature, and the Lake George Forest Preserve. Enjoy
Lake George nature!  - See and enjoy the Lake George Park from the water!

         Lake George Boating has been a favorite Lake George activity for centuries!  We offer our Golden Sands family guests "free kayaks," and have great Lake George motel room rates! The first Native American inhabitants on Lake George, New York, used dugout and birch bark canoes to travel about Lake George, NY,  to its shores, its islands, and to fish and transport goods and game.  Lake George itself could not have been discovered by European explorers without lake/water Lake George boating and  related transport.  Lake George was carved by a glacier, joining the north and south basins at the Tongue Mountain Range visible from our Golden Sands dock.  Lake George was first discovered In 1642, then named Lac Du Saint Sacrament, by Jesuit Priest, Father Isaac Joques, who first visited Lake George in English, which translated to "The Lake of the Blessed Sacrament,"  later in 1756 our current Lake George was renamed for King George III, today, and we know it "Lake George."  As Lake George, NY was slowly discovered and made popular in the 1800's as a "tourism destination," for it's pristine beauty, clean air, Lake George boating, and to offer the same "vacation getaway" it's known for today, Lake George motels, such as Golden Sands On Lake George, area restaurants, attractions, resort activities and area special events sprang up to offer Lake George lodging and amenities to families traveling to the Lake George region for fun and family vacation.

          Lake George boating, Lake George fishing, Lake George nature, and just about every activity associated with boating on the lake soon became available as a family motel activity, and is still available to enjoy today, to see the natural splendor the Lake George-Adirondacks have to offer!  Golden Sands waterfront beach motel is located only 3 miles north of Lake George Village in the small charming hamlet of Diamond Point, NY on a natural sand deposit offering our guests an unsurpassed natural sandy beach and swim area, 15 mile Lake George-Adirondack mountain and island views, and comfortable lakeview rooms.  While Golden Sands Resort has a dock for its guests to meander out onto the lake and sit and enjoy and fish the lake, we do not accept personal or rental boats or jet skis on our dock.  Docking your boat is quick and easy at one of our neighboring Lake George boating marinas, but boats are not permitted on our dock for all guest safety.  Our office offers Lake George boat rental brochures and schedules for the Lake George tour steamships that travel up and down Lake George at regular hours to give a fantastic glimpse and historic tour of Lake George then, and Lake George Today!  Below you'll find some helpful information to ensure your family fully enjoys Lake George Boating, and  hiking, while visiting and staying with here at Golden Sands On Lake George. We're a family atmosphere Lake George waterfront motel!

 Lake George Boating