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      Golden Sands On Lake George

                            On the Shore of Beautiful Lake George, New York

                                                    (518) 668-2203


                                            Mileage Calculation Chart and "Quick Location Map" of Lake George:

                            Golden Sands Waterfront Beach Motel on Lake George, NY Directions on Google Map:

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 Golden Sands On Lake George           Golden Sands On Lake George
          PO Box 11                               3654 Lake Shore Drive
Diamond Point, NY 12824                  Lake George, NY 12845

 (518) 668-2203                               (518) 668-2203

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                                                From NYC and the Albany, NY Area and all Points East:

                                             *(Also If coming from the Boston/Massachusetts area and all Points East)
1.     Golden Sands is located approximately 200 miles from the Metropolitan New York City Area, and approximately 170 miles south of Montreal, Canada, and approximately 350 miles from Buffalo, NY;
2.    Golden Sands On Lake George is located off the New York State "Adirondack Northway I-87;"
3.    From the NYC area, drive approximately 130-140 miles north on I-87 (New York State Thruway) until you reach the Albany, New York area;
4.    About Albany, NY, you'll see signs "Lake George/Lake Champlain" - Exit 24 (I-87 & I-90) - Lake George Exit 24;
5.    Take Exit 24 off the New York State Thruway (I-87), enter and exit "Toll Booth;"
6.    After "Toll Booth," follow Exit 1-N to I-87N ramp (towards Albany International Airport/Montreal.) Follow long ramp curving left, Exit 1-N, from that toll booth onto the Adirondack Northway (I-87) heading "North" towards Lake George;
7.    Follow the Adirondack Northway (I-87-North) for approximately 70+/- miles to the "Lake George Region," more specifically, Exit 22 off the Adirondack Northway (I-87) where you'll see signs "Lake George Village Rt's 9 & 9N /Diamond Point 1 mile;"
8.    Take Exit 22 off Adirondack Northway (I-87,) and follow "Diamond Point" signs;
9.    You'll be on a long 1+ mile ramp heading east after exiting (Exit 22);

10.  Bear 'slightly' left on that long ramp and DO NOT bear right and exit from this ramp onto Lake George Village 9, as this is the most common mistake taking you instead of to Diamond Point, to Lake George Village or Warrensburg, NY;
11.  On long ramp, follow signs "Diamond Point 9-N - Lake Shore Drive" to end of that ramp (1+ miles;)
12.  At end of ramp you'll see a traffic light, "Diamond Point 3 Miles" signs, and a great Tudor-style mansion and mountains behind that mansion ... This is Lake Shore Drive;
13.  Turn left (north) onto Lake Shore Drive ... the lake and mountains should and must be to your right.  If not, stop and call Golden Sands Resort at (518) 668-2203 for directions to return to Lake Shore Drive (US Route 9-N);
14.  After turning left (north,) at that Tudor-style mansion onto Lake Shore Drive, you'll see signs marked "Diamond Point." Golden Sands Resort is exactly 3.2 miles from that intersection, which will be on your right hand side (lakeside.)

                                     Welcome !   You've made it to Golden Sands waterfront beach motel on Lake George!

                                                        From Montreal, Canada and all Points North:

1.  Follow New York State "Adirondack Northway I-87" south to Exit 23 "Diamond Point/Warrensburg" exit;
2.  After exiting onto short ramp, bear left and turn left onto Diamond Point Road;
3.  Follow Diamond Point Road, heading east towards Lake George, approximately 5 miles (this road winds and turn);
4.  At about 5 miles, you'll come to the intersection of Diamond Point Road and Lake Shore Drive (there will be a stone church on your right);
5  Turn right, heading south, onto Lake Shore Drive and drive approximately .10 (1/10th of a mile +) to a sharp curve, and Golden Sands resort will be on your left side (lake side) - The left curve is sharp and sometimes it is difficult to see the Golden Sands Resort sign from this angle (but we're here!)

                                                         From Buffalo, New York and all Points West:
1. Follow the New York State Thruway East to Exit 24 - Albany, NY

2. See above directions from NYS Thruway Exit 24 to Adirondack Northway I-87 to Lake George.

                                       Here's how many hours by car to Lake George beach motel!

                                       •1 hour from Albany, NY and Albany International Airport (about 65 miles)

                                       •4 hours from Boston, Massachusetts (about 200 +/- miles)

                                       •3.5 hours from the New York City Metropolitan Area (about 205 miles)

                                       •5 hours from Buffalo, New York (about 350 miles)

                                      •Under 3 hours from Montreal, Canada (about 170 miles)

Directions to Golden Sands On Lake George, New York.

     We're easy to reach from every direction and welcome you to Golden Sands on beautiful Lake George.