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           Lake George and Adirondack area fish, their habitat, behavior and how they feed.

Northern Pike
Large fish, grow to be 25-36 inches long. Very adaptable, are one of the most widely distributed freshwater fish in the world.In New York, prefer weedy portions of cool water lakes, ponds and rivers, but large adults often move into deeper off shore waters. Needle-sharp teeth in their large mouths used for catching fish, crayfish, frogs and ducklings. An important sport-fish. Fish near or in weed beds with large spoons, spinners, plugs or bait fish

Chain Pickerel
Averages 15-20 inches long. Gets name from dark, chain-link markings on sides and back. Widely distributed in waters south of the Adirondacks and east of the Genesee River. Prefers quiet waters with heavy weed growth. Needle-sharp teeth in their large mouths used for catching fish and some frogs. Favorite game fish, especially with ice fishing anglers. Fish along weed beds in shallow water with minnows, worms, spoons, spinners and jigs.

Largest member of the pike family, grows to be 30-46 inches long. Limited distribution in New York. Found in cool lakes and large rivers, sometimes staying in moderately swift water. In New York, there are two strains— Great Lakes and Ohio. Have large, needle-sharp teeth that are used to grab food of fish, mice and ducks. Because of large size, held in high regard by anglers who mostly practice catch and release fishing. Muskies are taken by trolling large plugs, spinners or bait fish.

Black Crappie
Grows 8-12 inches long; occasionally larger. With exception of the Adirondacks, common in waters across the state. Prefer clear, quiet areas of lakes,ponds and larger rivers with abundant vegetation.Eat small fish and insects. Popular pan fish. Fish along rocky areas and in shallow coves and use minnows, worms and spinners.

Rainbow Trout
Colorful, Pacific Coast native, rainbows are quit different in size, averaging 8-20 inches in inland waters, and 20-34 inches in the Great Lakes. Their name comes from the pink or red band often present on their sides. Prefer cool lakes and large streams.Adults primarily eat fish. Lake-run variety (called steelhead) occurs in lakes Champlain, Ontario and Erie and their tributaries. Prized sport fish, known for leaping, caught on artificial lures or flies, and on worms and minnows.

Landlocked Salmon "Atlantic Salmon"
New York’s only native salmon, Atlantics are one of our most highly-regarded sport fish. Adults average12-30 inches and prefer open deep waters of cold,deep lakes. Primarily eats fish. Also known as “land-locked salmon,” New York’s Atlantics spend their entire lives in freshwater. Found in about 30 waters across the state. Caught by trolling streamer flies,spoons or plugs in open water areas.

Brook Trout
Averages 12-15 inches long in ponds and 8-12 inches in streams. Also called speckled trout, brookies have a distinct bright white edging along their lower fins.New York’s official state fish, brook trout live in small to moderate-sized clear, cold streams, lakes and ponds. Primarily eat insects. Popular game fish, they are relatively easy to catch, frequently taken on flies,small artificial lures, minnows and worms.

Yellow Perch
Grows 6-12 inches long. Easily distinguished by the5-9 black vertical bars on their yellow sides.Important pan fish, common across New York in a variety of habitats, but prefers shallow, weedy protected sections of rivers, lakes and ponds. Eat variety of organisms including aquatic insects, crayfish and fish. Popular with ice fishing anglers. Relatively easy to catch, often one of first fish caught by anglers.Fish along weed beds and drop-offs with minnows,worms, grubs and a variety of small lures.

Smallmouth Bass
A large sunfish, averages 8-15 inches long.Smallmouths prefer cool, clear areas of lakes and streams with gravelly or rocky bottoms. Adults usual-y stay near protection of rocks and submerged logs.Eat primarily fish, crayfish and insects. Important game fish, famous for their fighting ability when hooked. Still fish near rocks, shoals or other structure with live bait, or cast spinners, plugs or jigs.

Catfish - Brown Bullhead
Averages 8-14 inches long. Easily recognizable by its broad, flat head and dark barbels (whiskers) around face. Has sharp spines on dorsal and pectoral fins.Very adaptable, it is the most common catfish in New York, found in cool Adirondack lakes, but most abundant in warm water ponds, lakes and larger, slow-moving streams. Night time bottom feeder, uses bar-bels to locate food, including insects, snails, worms and small fish. Popular pan fish, especially in the spring. Fish along the bottom in evening using worms, minnows and dough balls.

Grows 4-10 inches long. Colorful fish, often mistaken for pumpkin seed, but lacks orange/red spot on gill flap. Found in slow-moving or standing water with plenty of vegetation or other shelter. Eat mostly insects and crustaceans. Popular pan fish, caught in
shallow water near weed beds on bait, artificial flies or small lures. Frequently stocked in farm ponds and other impoundments.

Largemouth Bass
Largest member of the “sunfish” family, averages 8-17 inches long, and has been known to reach weights in excess of 10 pounds. Found among dense aquatic vegetation or close to submerged cover such as stumps, logs or dock pilings in warm, shallow, well-
vegetated areas of lakes, ponds and sluggish streams. Eat primarily fish, crayfish and frogs. A popular game fish. Fish in weedy, stumpy areas while "still fishing" or casting with live bait or a wide variety of lures including plastic worms and surface plugs

Rock Bass
Grows 6-10 inches long. Their bright red eyes earn them the nickname “redeyes.” Found in waters across the state; most abundant in rocky, gravelly shallow water areas of lakes and ponds, and lower, warm reaches of streams. Often occur with smallmouth
bass. Eat mostly aquatic insects, crayfish and small fish. Popular pan fish, fish along rocky areas and weeds using live bait, small spinners and plugs.

Lake Trout
Averages 15-34 inches long, but can reach weights of up to 30 pounds. This silvery or dark gray fish occurs in deep, cold well-oxygenated lakes. A native of New York, "lakers" are long-lived, some adults reaching 20 years old. Adults primarily eat fish. Prized by anglers for their large size and strength, are taken in early spring by trolling near surface with artificial lures or minnows. In summer, troll deep with down riggers.

                  Here's More About Fishing On Lake George, New York:

Lake George Fishing Charters!

Lake George Fishing offers some of the finest fishing in the Lake George New York and Adirondack region. Golden Sands On Lake George New York is conveniently located in the small "family atmosphere" hamlet of Diamond Point New York, located only 3 miles from Lake George Village. What makes Diamond Point motels unique to Lake George fishing is that Diamond Point Lake George New York is located at the widest part of the lake, and gently nestled between beautiful Adirondack mountains.  Small tributaries and streams flow into Lake George at Diamond Point's Smith Bay, where Golden Sands Motel is located on it's natural Lake George geological sand deposit, creating ideal "drop-offs," structures, and feeding areas natural to Lake George fishing habitat.

Golden Sands Resort's and ideal fishing location and we're central to all the great Lake George fishing "hot spots," nearby to Lake George fishing islands, bays and coves where the fish habitat, and ideal for both shallow and deep water Lake George fishing.  Charter fishing services are also ideally located nearby to pick up your fishing party from our waterfront lake property, and direct you to the most popular Lake George New York fishing spots.  Golden Sands offers you assistance in finding Lake George Fishing Charter Services to suit your every fishing need.  Sit on the Golden Sands beach or dock, and watch your children fish from our free kayaks, enjoy Lake George nature, nearby Lake George hiking, or play on our resort activities areas.  Visit our Golden Sands video and photo gallery pages to see more, and our Blog for Lake George and Golden Sands history.  Barbecue at Golden Sands, then take the trolley to Lake George Village area special events!  See our area events calendar for more details, and Lake George today!  Another great way to fish on Lake George and to get to where the really big fish are is to rent a boat from a marina, pack up your gear and picnic lunch, bring your fishing pole and tackle, and head out onto Lake George to explore its 32 miles of Adirondack mountain splendor! - We have brochures in our motel office for all the great Lake George boating marinas ... let us help guide your fishing!

Lake George Fishing Golden Sands Beach Motel

Fish from our FREE kayaks, our dock, or let Golden Sands On Lake George help plan a Lake George Fishing Charter where professional guides take you to the really big fish in the deeper lake waters! 

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Golden Sands Resort Lake George Guests Enjoy Diamond Point, NY Fishing!

Directly in front of Golden Sands Resort, you'll discover Long Island, a popular Bass fishing area, and directly in front of Golden Sands Resort about 100 yards off shore, lies a weedy "drop off" where the big fish gather to scoop up bait fish and small fry as they traverse the shallows and deeper waters of this natural environmental habitat.  Lake George is a naturally spring-fed lake, with warmer waters at the top, and deeper waters to nearly 205 feet deep.  In shallow warmers, you'll find Perch, Bass, Sunfish, Rock Bass, Pickerel, and Bullheads.  In deeper, cooler waters, you'll find landlocked Salmon, Lake Trout, and other sporting and game fish better suited to cooler waters of about 55*.  Salmon tend to swim in schools at this thermal stratum, while Lake Trout tend to remain sedentary during summer months waiting for bait fish to simply swim by for an easy meal!

Northern Pike and Pickerel can be found in Lake George bays, straights, and weedy areas, and avoid deeper waters. Golden Sands Resort is ideally and centrally located in the Lake George South Basin close to wetland's fishing in Dunham's Bay, Lake George Narrows Islands fishing, and fishing the deeper waters, shoals, and weedy drop-offs and beautiful unspoiled uninhabited Great Northwest Bay of Lake George New York.  The Lake George South Basin and North Basins are separated by a shallow rocky area known as the Lake George Narrows.  These Narrows find their geological origin in the receding of the great North American glaciers of the last Ice Age. The Narrows Islands are an ideal fishing spot for bass, and smaller fish, while deeper underwater caves and coves such as Lake George's "Calf's Pen," serve as an ideal Salmon fishing spot, with deep waters at the shoreline reaching depths of up to 90 feet deep.  Lake George "Calf's Pen," and other similar preferred and popular Lake George fishing areas are accessible only by private boat or Lake George Fishing Charters.

At Golden Sands Resort, we offer free kayaks well suited to go where the fish are our Smith Bay, weedy areas out front, and along the rocky shoreline to nearby Orcutt Bay, where fish are always known to be found.  Nearby Orcutt Bay, easily accessibly by Golden Sands kayaks, is a small bay between Diamond Point and nearby Cannon Point, named for the individual who originally purchased the bay in 1847, John Orcutt.  Orcutt sold the bay to the Village of Lake George for "one peck of corn every year as payment."  

Lake George fishing offers natural outdoor sporting excitement and fun for the entire family!  At Golden Sands Resort on Lake George, you'll enjoy the very best of Lake George fishing, whether from our dock, our free kayaks, or a Lake George Fishing Charter, our friendly office staff will help guide you to the very best of Lake George fishing!

Lake George Fishing Golden Sands Motel New York - What You'll Catch! 

We know all the great Lake George fishing spots ...

Fish from our Lake George Motel Dock, or fish from one of our 1 or 2 person FREE kayaks!

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