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 Hiking Near Golden Sands Lake George Adirondack Motel

                                                     Lake George Par & Wild Forest Preserve photos by Lake George photographer: Liz

           Lake George Hiking and Mountain Trails Near Golden Sands Waterfront Beach Motel:

          Lake George hiking and Adirondack Forest Preserve Maps and Guides are available in the Golden Sands office, but should not be used a a back country travel guide.  For advanced hikers, precise back country travel guide maps should be purchased, and detailed topographic maps from a local bookstore or supplier of certified outdoor recreational equipment with geo-specifics be utilized. Lake George nature, Lake George fishing, and the the Lake George region has remained and has become a popular recreation area since the 1800's, and more recently, Lake George has become even more popular as a travel destination and outdoor recreation area.  Nearly anything associated with the great out-of-doors is here at Lake George, New York! 

          Lake George hiking being one of the most popular outdoor recreational features from Lake George hiking, Lake George boating, Lake George fishing, Lake George biking, exploring waterfalls, mountain views, low impact and challenging trails and mountain hikes ... it's all here at Lake George, New York.

          Here are some of the many Lake George hiking trails and sites you'll see here in the Lake George Wild Forest and Adirondack Forest Preserve, and they're all nearby Golden Sands On Lake George!  Most are easy for beginning and recreational Lake George hikers, others are rated medium to moderate, and/or difficult.


  Ask our Golden Sands front desk staff for a Lake George Hiking Trail Map & easy directions to trails!

Prospect Mountain Trail: (4 miles from Golden Sands) - 3 miles round trip "more experienced-difficult" steep trail near the middle and summit, less so at the trail head accessible from the back streets of Lake George Village.  Plenty of parking at trail head.  Lake George hiking trail Prospect Mountain is located on and near an old Lake George, NY historical railway once known as the world's longest cable railway, which served a former popular summit hotel that overlooked Lake George from the south looking north.  A scenic paved highway also provides easy access, if you wish to drive by car, to the summit and its sweeping panoramic Lake George hiking views and the Green Mountains of Vermont from US Memorial Day through US Columbus Day. Scenic highway brochures are available in the Golden Sands On Lake George office. - All Lake George hiking trails are close to Golden Sands!

Tongue Mountain Trail: (7-8 miles from Golden Sands) - Varies in trail experience and miles from fairly easy to somewhat difficult. Beautiful sweeping panoramic view from the summit(s). Tongue Mountain Range trails are located ten miles north of the southern end of Lake George, New York (Lake George is thirty-two miles long).  Trail maps are available in the Golden Sands office.  Trail head starts out level then gradually increases to steep. A nice Lake George hike, and a lovely hike to bring along lunch when one reaches the summit. - Hiking conveniently located just a few miles north of Golden Sands On Lake George!

Black Mountain Trail: (About 15 miles +/- from Golden Sands as located on the east side of Lake George, and access is tricky by car) - "Difficult" Highest Lake George hiking mountain at 1665 feet with a 5.6 mile loop - 'difficult' .  This Lake George hiking loop encompasses visits to Round Pond and Lapland Pond with uncrowded views from the summit's south side.  The Black Mountain Lake George hiking summit has outstanding elevated views from every direction, and at the summit is a Lake George-Adirondack forest ranger's cabin and several towers used for observation and forest fire watch.  A real Lake George mountain hike for the experienced!

Shelving Rock: (About 10 +/- miles from Golden Sands On Lake George accessible through back mountain roads)  Shelving Rock and Black Mountain are Lake George hiking natural landmarks often defining the Lake George landscape.  In the 1800's, many Hudson River School painters chose to paint Black Mountain and Shelving Rock, and they became a sort of iconic Lake George-Adirondack vies and focal point marking the 1/3 lake divide of the Lake George Southern Basin, Northern basin and Northwest Bay.  Black Mountain, 1665 feet, and Shelving Rock can been seen from the Golden Sands On Lake George beach, dock and lakeview rooms - see our resort Photo Gallery and Room Rates!

Lakeshore Trail:  An easy low impact 3.5 Lake George hiking trail starting from points along Shelving Rock Road with a trail leading to famous Shelving Rock Falls and the Lake George shoreline.  A destination and local favorite - Lake George's mini Niagara Falls? (The waterfalls area can be slippery.)  While close by ... it always seems to be a more difficult trail to find by automobile!

Buck Mountain Trail:  A Golden Sands guest favorite!  (About 5-6 miles from Golden Sands Resort to the trail head on the east side of Lake George at Pilot Knob, in a Lake George residential area with western views of Lake George, along with north and south from the summit.)  A 4.6 mile hike from the north, and 6.6 from the south (round trip) "more difficult, but not that rigorous for the family hikers."  Two trails to the summit at your pace involve 'steady climb' at some points of this Lake George hike due to terrain and incline.  Some lookout areas along this hike from the southern approach.  The trail splits about one-half the way up ... go left to the summit ... go right and walk along an old rocky Lake George mountain river bed overlooking ravines and flowing waters.  The summit enjoys fantastic panoramic views and a great place to enjoy lunch. Great views of the "Southern Lake George Basin." ... You may even see blueberry bushes at the flat rocky summit!  Definitely a favorite from the drive to and from, and the Lake George hiking experience itself!

Pilot Knob Ridge Preserve: (About 5-6 miles from Golden Sands)  A 2.5 mile east to moderate hike with a Gazebo as your first stop, and pleasant views of Lake George. - Ask about "Buck Mountain" Lake George hiking? - Our favorite Lake George hike!

Northern Ponds/Lakes Trail: (Located north of Golden Sands Resort)  Hiking trails that connect ponds and trails.

Pack Forest Demonstration Forest:  (About 7-8 miles from Golden Sands)  A delightful low-impact Lake George nature walk on wide paths and an old road through native forest preserve maintained by the Cornell Extension winding through wetlands and various different tree types. Small lakes and pond punctuate this beautiful walk where you'll enjoy babbling brooks and small water falls, and more adventurous low-impact Lake George hiking trails around the small lakes and ponds. if you're really lucky ... you'll see an eagle!  A 'very-Lake George-Adirondack hike for the entire family! Hike and walk at your own pace. 

Cat Mountain and Thomas Mountain:  (North of Golden Sands On Lake George)  Both trail heads merge and start together, then fork to respective Lake George hikes.  Thomas is a fairly easy 1.5 mile Lake George hike that follows an old Lake George-Adirondack  logging trail to an old logging cabin at the top. (Logging is a past and present Lake George-Adirondack industry.  Ask in the Golden Sands office about The Adirondack Museum on Blue Mountain Lake, about 60 miles north-west of Golden Sands in the heart of the Adirondacks, where you'll find a delightful "fun for the entire family" museum comprising numerous pavilions, indoor and outdoor exhibits and movies about the Adirondack Mountains and its history).  Cat Mountain is an easy to moderate Lake George hike that also follows an old logging trail through wetlands and beaver ponds to enjoy it's 270 degree views from the summit of Cat Mountain, Lake George, New York.

Crane Mountain:  (North of Golden Sands On Lake George)  A moderate to difficult 3.8 mile round-trip Lake George hike where you'll choose from several different lake George hiking trails ascend to the summit to enjoy spectacular Lake George views!  For the adventurous, take the shortest route which employs ladders to climb and ascend numerous cliffs and ledge/rock face.  Lake George hikers will enjoy exploring the long rocky summit ridge and the scenic pond near the summit.  An unusual challenging Lake George hiking experience!

Sleeping Beauty Mountain Loop:  (Located north of Golden Sands On Lake George)  A moderate 7.8 mile Lake George hike with hiking switchbacks that ease the mountain hike ascent to the summit where you'll find delightful and enjoyable views from open ledges.  On the return and way down consider swinging by Small Bumps Pond, and maybe take a small detour to explore Fishbrook Pond.

Hadley Mountain: A moderate 3.6 mile round trip hike with an open summit and restored fire tower and what many believe to be one of the finest panoramic views of the Adirondack Mountains in the southern Adirondacks!

Other Adirondack Mountain Trails:  Ask our friendly Golden Sands On Lake George front desk staff about other Lake George hiking experiences, picnic parks, and trails.

          Lake George Hiking is fun and easy and close to Golden Sands On Lake George, New York!  The perfect family outdoor activity to experience and enjoy Lake George nature and the Lake George Adirondack mountain's nature and wildlife.  From the summit of mountains and hiking trails in the Lake George region one can see elevated panoramic Lake George and mountain views, many of its 365 islands, the Lake George Narrows, Mother Bunch Islands, Lake George Adirondack mountain ranges and attractive New York State and Vermont.  The Lake George region is steeped in Lake George history!

          There are numerous mountain hiking trails to choose from, from low impact walking trails to the most challenging 5+ mile Lake George hiking trails leading to the summit of Lake George's highest mountain ranges (where you can enjoy your picnic lunch) such as the Tongue Mountain Range, only 5-7 miles from Golden Sands, Prospect Mountain, only 4 miles from Golden Sands, Buck Mountain, directly across the lake from Golden Sands Resort, to Lake George's highest hiking, Black Mountain at 2,665 feet above sea level, Shelving Rock, and all the others! You and your family can also enjoy free kayaks at Golden Sands Resort and simply relax kayaking and enjoying our 15 mile lake and mountain views, swimming on our beach, or kayak to nearby Orcutt Bay to experience Lake George fishing and Lake George nature as it's been since the beginning of time!  Lake George hiking isn't just about mountain and trail hiking, there are many historic sites to see along the way and along the hiking trails!  Lake George, New York is a State of New York public park with thousands of acres of land bordering the lake with Lake George hiking trails extending to the very tops of its surrounding mountains.  Here's what to bring with you for Lake George hiking and your family beach resort vacation stay!

          Golden Sands On Lake George and our natural sandy beach is nestled between Diamond Point and eastern Lake George hiking mountains offering our guests fantastic Adirondack mountain views both east and west ... You'll be literally drenched in Lake George mountain views.  In the morning you'll experience vibrant and colorful sun rises, and in the evening, enjoy spectacular Lake George Adirondack sunsets from your waterfront lakeview room!  The Lake George Wild Forest is part of and located within the Adirondack Forest Preserve, comprising nearly 6 million acres of hiking wilderness!  After Lake George hiking, return to Golden Sands On Lake George and relax on our waterfront beach, picnic and BB-Q, kayak, or head out to an area restaurant,  attractions or activity!  On Thursday nights, the Village of Lake George hosts public fireworks that rumble, sparkle and glow high above the mountains surrounding Lake George Village reminding us of our great American heritage and local Revolutionary War history.  By car, or take the Lake George Trolley to Lake George Village and points south to Lake George shopping malls!  Adirondack Forest Preserve Maps, Guides and Hiking maps, brochures, information and area restaurants menus available for your convenience in the Golden Sands Resort office.  Call us today at: (518) 668-2203 for room rates, connecting rooms and availability!

 Lake George Hiking