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‚Äč      Golden Sands On Lake George

                            On the Shore of Beautiful Lake George, New York

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          Lake George History near Golden Sands On Lake George in New York State's Adirondack Park begins with its unique geological origins forming millions of years ago by powerful glacial sheets of ice and waters dragging rocks and boulders gouging valleys, rounding Lake George area mountains, melting glacial waters, then joining what was then two lakes, to form one lake, now known as Lake George.  Lake George has two distinct basins, its north basin, and south basin, joined together 10 miles north of Lake George Village at Great Northwest Bay and the Lake George Narrows. There's lots of early American history to see!

          Golden Sands On Lake George is located only 3 miles north of historic Lake George Village, and 7 miles south of Northwest Bay, Lake George Narrows and Mother Bunch islands.  All Lake George history, whether natural, architectural, art and cultural, and America's Revolutionary War history and related historic military, including America's first navy formation mere miles from Lake George, NY in historic Whitehall, New York, is close by Golden Sands in historic Diamond Point, New York. 

          Golden Sands is located on a rare historic geological sand bed giving way to our name "Golden Sands."  Our private beach and shallow sandy bottom swim area is 100% natural Lake George sand!  Swim, play, kayak, fish, hike and enjoy 15 mile panoramic Lake George Adirondack island and mountain views from our lakeside rooms and beach!



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Lake George History Near Golden Sands On Lake George Beach Motel

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