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‚Äč      Golden Sands On Lake George

                            On the Shore of Beautiful Lake George, New York

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     Here's more Lake George nature you'll see at Golden Sands On Lake George waterfront lakeside motel

Spectacular Lake George Views, Nearby Beautiful Orcutt Bay, Adirondack Sunrises, Lake George's Pack Forest Babbling Brook, Adirondack White-Water Lillys, Nearby Adirondack Wetlands, Lake George - Adirondack Area Birds and Water Foul, Friendly Mallard Ducks on Beach, Merganser Ducks, Common Loon, Great Blue Heron, Golden Sands Beach, Cute Swallow Birds, Lake George - Adirondack Aquatic Fish and Wildlife, Frog on Lilly Pad - Kayak to Orcutt Bay, Turtle on Golden Sands Resort Beach, Feeding Morning Ducks, A passing Duck at Golden Sands Resort, See our Lake George Fishing Page, Relax on our Golden Sands Resort Motel waterfront Lake George private beach, and visit Lake George Village for Thursday evening fireworks, shopping and browsing, or catch an arts and crafts show and nearby attractions! Call us today at: (518) 668-2203  Here's what to bring with you on your family vacation!

          Above are photos, taken by Liz, of what you'll see at Golden Sands when you head out into Lake George, NY and head south along the shoreline into neighboring Lake George's Orcutt Bay to kayak and fish!  This shallow cute little bay sports plenty of Lake George nature from great Lake George fishing to indigenous aquatic plants and flowering lily and lily pad plants.  Golden sands Resort's 15 mile views look north and straight out towards numerous beautiful islands highlighting Lake George nature. Pretty Orcutt Bay is located between nearby Diamond Point and Cannon Point, and is named after Mr. Joseph Orcutt who originally purchased that land and bay, now known as Orcutt bay, in about 1847.  Local Lake George history records Mr. Orcutt as receiving a "peck of corn" from the Town/Village for a small nearby parcel of land for a public school; however, the municipality rarely paid the agreed-upon yearly payment in corn.  Mr. Orcutt brought suite against the Lake George municipality in the 1860's for 'non-payment,' and the local municipality denied any wrongdoing, and the judge denied Mr. Orcutt's claim!  There's plenty of Lake George hiking nearby!

          Lake George Diamond Point, Golden Sands' perfect nature Lake George, NY waterfront beach location, just north of Lake George Village, all area restaurants, attractions, and area special events, on Sampson Bay (and Smith Bay) is geologically located on an area where one can find "Lake George Diamonds," "Herkimer quartz crystals" also known as "Herkimer diamonds."  The bigger are identified as exceptionally well formed and brilliant, and Golden Sands Resort guests can literally find the smaller, tiny Lake George Diamond on the Golden Sands' waterfront beach!  That's lake George nature, and family fun!  Diamond Point, NY's name and title is believed to be named as such based upon local Native-Americans showing the small crystals to British Ranger Robert Rangers who's believed the small Lake George crystals to actually be diamonds ... then, the small village of Diamond Point, New York sprang up.  In 1870 a small hotel known as the Cooledge House, also known as the Diamond Point House, was built in Diamond Point, NY, on a topographical outcrop with beautiful views of Lake George islands, views of Lake George nature you'll see and experience from Golden Sands Resort's flat level grounds and natural sandy beach. See Lake George nature from one of our free kayaks!

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Lake George Nature