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      Golden Sands On Lake George

                            On the Shore of Beautiful Lake George, New York

                                                    (518) 668-2203

What To Bring - Here are just a few items to bring with you to Golden Sands On Lake George:

  • Ice for Drinks & Coolers.  We do not provide Ice for drinks & coolers.  (No Ice Machine on premises. - Ice can be purchased at local delis & supermarkets only 2/10th mile from Golden Sands in either direction).
  • Summer Clothing and Warmer Clothing for Cooler Nights;
  • Sun Screen;
  • Beach Umbrella (we do not provide beach umbrellas);
  • Beach Towels ( we provide shower/bath towels only);
  • Lake and Water Toys;
  • Insect Repellent (just in case);
  • BB-Q Charcoal/Charcoal Lighter Fluid (we do not provide BB-Q charcoal or offer gas grills);
  • BB-Q Utensils;
  • Family Pic-Nic Stuff;
  • Paper Plates, Cups, Glasses, Eating Utensils;
  • Fishing Rod, Tackle and Bait ( a full-service fishing store, The Outdoorsman, is located across the road from Golden Sands);
  • Bicycle(s) *Close-by Golden Sands On Lake is the Warren County Bike Route winding & turning through the Adirondacks;
  • For Rainy Days: Rain Gear, Rain Boots and Rain Umbrella (just in case), playing cards, children's board games, etc. - See our website page for: Rainy Day Activities;
  • Your own personal Canoe and/or Kayaks are welcome (please call in advance to advise our friendly office staff);
  • Hair Dryer, Portable Clothes Iron (and portable ironing board), Clothes Steamer;
  • Cooler - Ice not provided on premises.  Commercial ice is available for sale at nearby local delis 2/10th mile from Golden Sands.

    Clothing and Personal Needs (just a few):

    Casual Sports Wear
    Light Jacket or Sweater
    Long Pants
    Rain Gear (just in case!)
    Sneakers/Causal Shoes/Dress Shoes (enjoy exciting
Lake George Village night life!)

    Indoor and outdoor shoes, and clothing appropriate to the weather.

    Hiking Boots
    Bathing Suit
    Bug Spray
    Rain Umbrella

    For Your Personal Needs

    Personal Toiletries (Shampoo, Conditioner, Tooth Paste, etc.)
    Cell Phone/Camera & Chargers
    Hair Comb/Brush
    Groceries (Golden Sands Resort provides in-room waist-high refrigerators and small microwave ovens for "light cooking" only.
    Aluminum Foil/Plastic Food Wrap
    Plastic Sandwich/Storage Bags
    Coffee/Tea/Juices/Soda (We do not provide In-Room Coffee Makers. - You may bring a small, portable coffee maker.
    Napkins/Paper Towels
    Salt & Pepper
    Cell Phone and Computer (We offer FREE Wi-Fi, but do not offer "in-room" telephones due to number of guests with cell phones);
    Extra Flashlight(s)/Lantern(s)

    Alarm Clock/Small Radio

   Call us at (518) 668-2203or Contact Us online for all amenities included at Golden Sands Waterfront Beach Motel.   

What we also suggest you bring

    Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Utensils

    Steak Knives
    Large Plates
    Small Plates
    Coffee Cups/Mugs
    Drinking Glasses
    Wine Glasses
    Salt and Pepper Shakers
    Can Opener
    Wine Opener
    "Small" Coffee Maker & Filters (Coffee makes are not provided by Golden Sands)
    Pitcher for Fruit Juices
    Big Cutting Board ("small" in-room cutting boards provided by Golden Sands
    Pot Holders for BB-Q Grills
    Paper Towels

    Tissues (meaning Kleenex)
    Extra Garbage Bags (Golden Sands provides in-room trash bags)

    *Things listed under Not Providedon the Golden Sands website Rate Page  -We do not provide Ice for drinks and coolers.  We do not offer basketball, ping pong or wood for evening fire pit (Firewood is available at nearby local delis)

*Other What To Bring items you and your family would need to ensure a pleasant stay at Golden Sands On Lake George should include personal and other items you and your family travel with. - Call us for details (518) 668-2203 or contact us online.

What To Bring With You To Golden Sands Waterfront Beach Motel.

          Are you ready for summer fun? Here's What To Bring with you to ensure your summer vacation visit here at Golden Sands Motel and your Adirondack visit is as comfortable for you as possible.  We recommend you give us a call if you have questions regarding weather conditions, attractions and activities near Golden Sands Motel, what to bring with you, clothing to bring, sporting items such as fishing tackle, hiking boots, or golf clubs, water and beach items such as sunscreen, a beach umbrella and water floats and toys, and other items such as luggage and food items. ​   We do not accepts groups or family reunions.    


What To Bring